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5 Fun Facts about St.Maarten – St.Martin

Updated: Jun 6, 2023


St.Maarten – St.Martin is a tiny island in the Caribbean, but it is one of the most unique and interesting. Every Caribbean island has its flavor, but you’ll surely find St.Maarten – St.Martin to be particularly enticing. What sets it apart? Read these five fun facts and find out why a trip to St.Maarten – St.Martin should be on your bucket list!

1. St.Maarten – St.Martin is a culinary leader in the Caribbean

(Photo credit: Fabiana Aguilar) With so many different cultural influences, it’s little wonder that St.Maarten – St.Martin is one of the best dining islands in the Caribbean! You can find food with European, North American, Latin, and even African influences alongside typical local cuisine. Internationally-acclaimed chefs cook in kitchens all over the island. The best food on the French side can be found in Marigot, the French capital, and the best food on the Dutch side can be found in the fishing village of Simpson Bay.

2. 37 is a lucky number

(Photo credit: george.bremer) St.Maarten – St.Martin is 37 square miles of tropical paradise, and it also boasts 37 beaches! Each beach is unique and offers something different to enjoy. The most famous beach on the island is Orient Bay Beach, a strip of white sand lined with beach bars, restaurants, and equipment rentals. However, the island’s very best beaches are the hidden secrets tucked away in remote corners. Take the Cul-de-Sac hike at the northern edge of the island to find Petit Cayes, a virtually untouched bay protected by green hills. Or pick your way through the ruins of La Belle Creole Resort near Sandy Ground to find peaceful Little Bay.

3. Its highest point is Pic Paradis

(Photo credit: aconteci) To get to Pic Paradis, you can drive up a steep road or take the Loterie Farm hike. The hike takes about an hour, but it’s absolutely gorgeous! You’ll start at an old sugar plantation, complete with natural springs, an old well, and hidden ruins, and then walk through a rainforest that emerges into stunning views of the ocean and surrounding islands. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a gander at the wild vervet monkeys! You can also zipline down the mountain to the trees below, or just relax with a drink at the pool.

4.It is split into two nationalities

(Photo credit: malxonix) St.Maarten – St.Martin is the smallest island in the world to share two nationalities. The northern part is French, and the southern part is Dutch. Although the border is a mere formality and people pass freely back and forth, the two sides have distinct cultures. The French side is wilder, with many lonely places to explore and hiking trails to trek. Most people speak French, and European-style pastries and art fill shop windows. On the Dutch side, there are many people, cars, and buildings. The nightlife scene is very popular here, and entertainment is easy to find. The Dutch side is a semi-autonomous country that speaks mainly English.

5.It’s the island with the famous airport

(Photo credit: Joe) If you know nothing else about St.Maarten – St.Martin, you certainly will recognize Princess Juliana Airport and Maho Beach! This is the place where sunbathers can watch a jet fly just a few hundred feet overhead, or hang on to the fence for dear life as a 747 jet blasts off right in front of them. It’s a painful experience, but it’s so unique and exciting that nobody can resist trying it!

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