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5 Food Experiences You Should Have while in St.Maarten – St.Martin During your visit to St.Maarten –

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

During your visit to St.Maarten – St.Martin, don’t miss any of these five food experiences. You haven’t tasted St.Maarten – St.Martin until you’ve tasted this!

The Caribbean island of St.Maarten – St.Martin is famous for its culinary delights. With cultural influence from across the globe, the cuisine on the island has developed from African, Latin, European and North American roots. During your visit to St.Maarten – St.Martin, don’t miss any of these five food experiences. You haven’t tasted St.Maarten – St.Martin until you’ve tasted this!

1: Local Flavors

(Photo credit: While it’s true that “local cuisine” can mean almost anything, St.Maarten – St.Martin has plenty of dishes that are distinctly Caribbean. Oddly enough, you really have to know where to go in order to find true local food. The touristy areas of the island are lined with upscale seafood places, which are delicious but just not quite authentically Caribbean. If you want authentic saltfish, jerk chicken, or johnny cakes, you’ll have to find one of those little out-of-the-way roadside joints with cooks who delight in recreating old family recipes. The best place to find these is at the pond side of Pondfill Road, where you’ll find huts, shacks, and even refurbished cars selling the best barbecue ribs you’re ever tasted.

2 French Elegance

(Photo credit: Richie Diesterheft) Ask anyone for a good French patisserie, and they’ll point you to Sarafina’s on the waterfront road in Marigot. However, there is more than one pastry shop in town. Go ahead and grab your chocolate croissant at Sarafina’s, but don’t forget to wander the backstreets of Marigot to discover more pastry shops as well as restaurants that specialize in the French art of gourmet crepes.

3 Caribbean Seafood

(Photo credit: What is the difference between a Maine lobster and a Caribbean lobster? Well, you’ll never find out if you don’t try it. Seafood can be a bit pricey, but then you don’t come to St.Maarten – St.Martin every day. So make a fancy evening out of it! Simpson Bay has plenty of nice seafood places that will offer you fresh fish, cooked to perfection.

4 Beach Bar

(Photo via Even if you’re not much of a bar person, you’ll still love St.Maarten – St.Martin’s beach bars. They are generally open-air restaurants with chairs set up on the sand, so you can sip a cool drink while gazing out to sea. Surprisingly, these bars are also rather kid friendly, since they’re usually set up on calm beaches that are perfect for wading and sand castles. Sample some signature tapas and fruity drinks while working on your tan.

5 International Street Food

(Photo credit: Jason Lam) This is where St.Maarten – St.Martin’s multicultural makeup really shines through. On any cruise ship day, you can find dozens of street vendors selling flavors from all over the Caribbean. I love the meat patties, which are tiny crescent-shaped meat pies. Sample snacks from Haiti, Curacao, and anywhere else you can think of! You can find many of these vendors on Front Street or Back Street in Philipsburg. It’s a great way to eat on the go. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a coconut vendor and get to sip sweet, fresh coconut water along with your meal.

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